Illusionary-landscape - Nina Panagopoulou
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The project is exploring the fields of sound art in combination with visual arts. It is indentifying the relationship of art with technology. During the research theories of Freud are reflecting the ideas of unconsciousness which are involved through the illusion and fantasy images that are created with technological means such as video which is based on sound. Noise in nature and technology is produced and composed so as the harmony and the rhythm are the characteristics of the compositions. The qualities of painting are reflected on the video images and the movement as a subject is described as the main subject in the abstraction of the sound and the image. The project is exploring the minimalistic aesthetic in the artwork that is produced by a systematic process of recording and editing. The creation of alternative musical instruments in environmental spaces are developed and music is produced in them is creating images and reveal to the surfaces memories and feelings.


The project is intended to explore the qualities and the different types of sound in the attempt of the reflection of sound waves upon the subject of the communication of the natural world with technology. Additionally the project is intended to examine the composition of music by using alternative musical instruments and sounds of environmental spaces. It is also exploring the ability of the sound to create images and reflect the dialogs which can be created between them in the flow of abstraction and through the field of unconsciousness where the fantasy and the illusion exist.

The project is suggesting that a combination of the natural sounds, created by water, wind or rain and controlled sounds, recorded from electronic resources and combined with unconventional musical instruments, reflects the combination of art with technology. The differences between the noise and the controlled sound are various. Douglas Kahn says, “Noise as a type of sound can be understood as a sound generated by a movement of abstraction to the empirical. It is possible to say that noise is an abstraction if the process of abstraction itself, what is lost is thereby involved in the elimination of noise, then noise is itself a form of noise reduction;… For this reason it is not easy to communicate noise.” The project is intended to examine the communication of noise and the musical composition in the environment. In the book Walter Benjamin and Art Michael Chanan said that “the abandonment of tonality equals the abandonment of representation and atonality equals abstraction.” In the project the representation and atonality are contributing in creating a system of dialogs between noises and random sounds with tonal sounds so as the representation involves themes of abstraction in dialog with reality.


video Sound Art